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Leadership Brownsville Class XXXV

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Daniella Lopez Valdez graduated from Leadership Brownsville Class XXXV with a team of talented individuals that raised more money than any class before for Children's Advocacy Centers of Cameron & Willacy Counties

Leadership Brownsville is an organization whose purpose is to identify and motivate emerging leaders each year and to develop their potential for community leadership by exposing them to the realities, opportunities and challenges of the community.

“I feel proud to be part of such an amazing team of talented individuals and to be a part of a flourishing community that has so much to offer. Leadership Brownsville has allowed me to love my community on a deeper level.”

Children's Advocacy Centers of Cameron and Willacy County

Lopez Valdez was part of the original team to present a beautification project for Monica's House, a Children's Advocacy Center in Cameron County, in order to provide a more tranquil and welcoming experience for the children.

Working as a team with talented individuals to accomplish something great was what Lopez Valdez enjoyed most.

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