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Valley residents express concern as Senate passes school voucher bill

he Texas Senate late Thursday night approved its version of a school voucher program through Senate Bill 1.

However, many residents have been left concerned how this proposal could impact public education in the Rio Grande Valley.

Daniella Lopez Valdez, vice president of the Brownsville ISD Board of Trustees, said it alleviates the state’s responsibility to educate all children regardless of race, gender, economic status and special needs.

“By redirecting it with this voucher system, we will never get that money recouped again,” Valdez said. “And ultimately, the accountability that the district provides in terms of food, shelter, quality education, 6,000 employees making sure we can get contracts with local vendors, it would deplete that and it would basically take away from a huge portion of funds that come into our communities and not guarantee them for the years to come.”

Valdez said the special needs community would suffer the most.

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